Cool technology - a full-featured trial period would help

Christopher Larkin (Chris)

All of us already have many paid subs for AI tools, while I'd love to try yours, shifting my workflow to a new platform has a switching cost, and most of the professionals using these tools also have a high hourly rate -- so if we already have something that works, we'll wait until it stops working (looking at you ChatGPT - functioning like an AI that has memory loss due to a stroke) before we try something else that has a learning curve.

In comparison, another interesting tool with many functions aggregated is phygital, and they charge $15/month for 1000 image gens, with tools that can edit video, make or remove objects with intelligent inpainting, etc.

We talked early in this platform's design - really nice to see all of the progress with your platform!

Really cool stuff you are working on - I'm sure it'll be super popular. I suspect that once people get deep into your offering, they will love a one-stop place for great generative AI.